There is strength in seeking support.

If you are experiencing a mental health emergency please call 911.

If you or a loved one is struggling with suicidal thoughts, please know that you are not alone. Your well-being is important, and there is help available. Reach out to supportive friends, family, or professionals who can provide assistance. These are resources designed to guide you through difficult times. You matter, and help is just a conversation away.

National Resources

Mental health and suicide prevention: 988

Available November 30th, 2023, You will be able to call or text 9-8-8 from anywhere in Canada for free and be directed to the appropriate mental health crisis or suicide prevention service in your area.

Canada Suicide Prevention Service:

1-833-456-4566 (phone)
45645 (Text, 4 p.m. to midnight ET only)

In Quebec (French): Association québécoise de prévention du suicide: 1-866-APPELLE (1-866-277-3553)

Kids Help Phone: 1-800-668-6868, live chat counselling at

Newfoundland and Labrador

Mental Health Crisis Line 24 Hour: 811

Bridge The Gap: Find mental health services in your region

Lifewise Warmline: Available in both French and English, the Warmline offers mental health support and information from trained Lifewise staff to the public 12 hours a day, seven days a week. Check out their website for hours as well as services including peer group, family and 1:1 support.

(En) 1-855-753-2560
(Fr) 1-833-753-5460

Wellness Together: Browse helpful articles, build coping skills with online courses, get in touch with a counsellor and track your progress:


Girl’s Workshop & Hike

For Ages 11 – 17

If you’re looking for a breather and a boost, join us for nature, movement & mindfulness!

Do you feel the weight of life’s challenges and yearn for a space to reconnect with yourself or others? Join us for the Joy Run Girls Workshop & Hike,  a transformative experience thoughtfully designed to guide you towards a brighter, more empowered future.

Get to know us

  • Tanya Joy

    Mental Wellness Speaker

    Tanya Joy

    Mental Wellness Speaker

    The driving force behind Joy Run is Tanya Joy. Tanya is a personal coach and mental wellness speaker Inspiring survivor of a suicide attempt, a suicide loss and a Mental Health Advocate.

    In the midst of her own grief journey, Tanya found solace in the world of trail running. It was amidst the serene beauty of nature and the camaraderie of fellow runners that she discovered a pathway to healing.

    Tanya’s motivation to start Joy Run emerged from the profound loss of her beloved brother, Jody, and her own personal mental health struggles in recent years. With unwavering courage, she transformed her personal pain into an urge to make a change. Through Joy Run, Tanya seeks to honour Jody’s memory by creating a space where individuals can find healing, support, and unity.

    Tanya has level 1 and 2 certification as well as run, jump throw for children 5 – 9 with Athletics Canada.

    Tanya’s mental wellness speaking topics reflect:

    • What Matters To You
    • Happiness and Positivity
    • Resilience
    • Mindset & Attitude
    • Holistic Healing Connecting to Land and Nature
    • Moving Through Grief
    • Gaining Control Of Your Life & Decisions
  • Julie Dwyer

    MSc, PhD (c)

    Julie Dwyer

    MSc, PhD (c)

    Julie is is the founder of Ease, a consulting firm focused on mindfulness education, training & mental performance. She works with corporate organizations across government and private sectors as well as high performance athletes including the NL Growlers, HockeyNL, NLVA & Canada Games across a variety of sports including karate, swimming & gymnastics.

    Julie holds a M.Sc in Clinical Psychology from the University of Edinburgh, where she studied mindfulness based interventions for anxiety. Prior to starting her PhD, Julie completed a graduate program in Clinical Epidemiology at the MUN Faculty of Medicine and held a clinical position in an outpatient pain program for five years. She is currently completing a PhD in Experimental Psychology (behavioral medicine) at Memorial. Julie’s research concentration is in Health & Wellness, with a focus on chronic pain management.

    Julie’s mission is to make mediation accessible and adaptable for the modern world. She recently co-founded the Centre for Mindfulness NL, the first evidence-based, trauma-informed mindfulness institute in Atlantic Canada.

  • Looking to release, recharge, and reset?

    If you’re a young woman, between the ages of 11 and 17, who’s dealing with the ups and downs of life, this experience is all about investing in you! It’s your chance to pause, reflect, and find your inner superstar, and do it all in the company of amazing women who get it.

    Email us to find out more information and stay tuned for event details coming soon.